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How to get Arashi ticket concert cheaper... :)
Hi... this post was made based on my experience as an Arashi fan who does not have a fan club membership.

Most of you may be suprised when looking Arashi ticket price at http://www.ticket.co.jp/ [its really expensive]. here few of my advise for anyone who want to buy Arashi concert tickets.

1. Buy the ticket after the seating plan is known. Do not buy ticket before you know where is the seating plan. It safer for us as a buyer. Because you may pay a lot for back seat tickets.

2. Buy the ticket near the concert date. http://www.ticket.co.jp/ have a policy to stop the concert ticket sales 5 days before the concert. Is the best time to buy the ticket. There is so many people that can help you. Look at je-sales@lj for several account that dealing with ticket.co.jp [remember to pay the extra money for web fee and service fee].

3. If you missed the ticket.co.jp [it happened to me once], try yahoo auctions. With the sites fully in Japanese language its not easy for us but no worries http://www.fromjapan.co.jp/ can help you. Using this site a lot more cheaper rather than using other service. They can sent the ticket to your hotel.

4. To find the right auctions at yahoo.co.jp please go to http://www.1945.jp/personal/a_/arashi/arashi-yahooac-day.html this helpfull website aready divided arashi ticket based on section.

5. Is not official but, try other dome than tokyo. Fukuoka and Sapporo could be an option.

6. There are a lot of people that sell their ticket on the concert day. Usually they stand on the way/near the dome. However, I would not recommend this one simply because I could not speak Japanese properly :D

7. Check the dome map. And try to find out where you seat. 

Any question please pm me :) and good luck :D

Thanks for sharing! It's helpful. =)

Thank you so much for this Precious information!!! >_

This is an interesting read. helpful info!! :) I wonder when will their next concert be.

OMG...thanks so much for the info <3

thanks for the guidelines... it's very helpful and i hope to get to see arashi concerts in the future :)

Arafes is coming, and I'm planning to fly to Tokyo to watch Arafes, which I've been saving for my entire life!!!!! :) Thank you so much for this! Very helpful! I hope I'll be able to get a ticket,

I want to go to the arafes toooo.
I'll be in korea so i think i can just hop on to the plane though it will be pricey but its worth it. i hope we can find tickets <3

Hi there,

Thx for tips & all the links. I'm saving & planning for 2013 year-end concerts, and had absolutely no clue how to get a ticket.

There are flight & accommodation going on real cheap here, so I'm very tempted to just book this trip even before getting hold of ticket. Btw, when do FC members receive tickets after balloting? I suppose that's when people start to re-sell & other non-johnny's sites start their sales too.

Pls advise, many many thx!!!! ;>


I have no idea when the fc member start to balloting. But, one thing for sure even though you won a ballot ticket, you not gonna know the seat until JE sent the ticket to fc member.

Yes, I think that's when people start to sell their ticket.

And if you see a ticket in ticket.co.jp usually in earlier date they gonna put an information 'fc member ticket, seat unknown'.
Once you brought a ticket from ticket.co.jp you can not return or cancel it, even though there is cheaper ticket available latter.

My advise, just buy the ticket a week before the concert date. Because JE might change their policy (like last year they sell Arashi Popcorn ticket via lawson). That make many people tempted to sell it and we can get cheaper price :)

Hope its help... ;)

Hi :)
Thank you 1st for sharing,
but I have a question, since the reseller are from FC, means the ticket have a name on it. Is it safe? I mean how about the security staff, is it strict when we want to get in with FC ticket since we're not the FC member.

I've plan to going Arashi Live Tour 2013 on 11/8 at Nagoya Dome.
I want ask my friend who have FC member's. But She endure to help me because She afraid, the ticket will be her name & if I caught, She'll be blacklist :(

And also since 1FC only can buy 1ticket (is it true?) She can joining me.

I think it safe. Because last time, I also using fc ticket. They did not check the name, and even speak English to me :D

I am not sure about fc rules since I am not a fc member.

Have fun ;)

eh ? kok bs dapet 15000 yen? ak barusan liat di ticket.co.jp ud 100000 yen smua T_T *sori tb" nimbrung ~

dapet dari yahoo auction.

kalo sekarang itu yg buat arafes ya? kalo yg arafes gila2 harganya :(

tapi kalo yng buat ntar konser album LOVE tunggu aja sampe 6/7 hari sebelum konser, pasti banyak yg masuk akal harganya ;)

Edited at 2013-09-20 07:23 pm (UTC)

Halo Maulida-chan~ aku dari indo juga... kamu tinggal di indo atau jepang? aku punya rencana tahun depan mau nonton konser arashi tapi udah waswas duluan sama harganya huhuuu kamu beli berapa lama sebelumnya? kalau aku gak di jepang lebih baik berli berapa lama sebelumnya ya?

hai hubaa chan :) tinggal di indo.

kalo aku, kemarin aku nonton popcorn, aku ke jpng dulu trus baru beli tiket 4 hri sebelum hari H di yahoo auction (soalnya aku mau dapet yg agak depan dan agak murah). aku dapet harga 15000 yen section B depan). trus tiket aku baru dpet 1 hari sebelum konser. cuma kalo yahoo auction ya gitu agak2 was2 ngga dapet :D

kalo mau murah dan aman bisa dapet, beli aja di ticket.jp 6/7 hari sebelum konser. jadi ada waktu buat nunggu ticket. tahun kemarin ada yg cuma 8000 yen (dibelakang sih...) tapi arashi konsernya enak kok merekanya jalan2 :)

kalo harga ticket minimal sedia 10000 yen. soalnya ada fee ama ongkir.

terserah mau beli dari indo atau pas di jepang. sama aja kok :)


hajimemashite, shima desu, indonesia kara kimashita... :)

barusan cek di http://www.ticket.co.jp/sys/search.php?com=init&ki=188&st=20131116

sekitar 50rb yen...kok mahal bener yah... :(

shima chan...

maaf, baru liat kommen nya (masuk suspicious comment).

jadi kah nonton konsernya?

Mau tanya lagi. gegara kalah ballot.
Kemarin liat web JE, dan bener katamu tiket Arashi yg LOVE akan di jual via Laswon.
Nah aku mau minta tlg sm temen nihonjin, cm dia koq malah kebingungan dan balik tny ini buat org2 asing ya?
Karena klo liat dari web ada tlp Lawsonnya dan mungkin bukan tlp umum Jpn ya?
mank klo yg agen gmn caranya? tau ngga?


ngga... buat orang Jepang deh kayaknya.

kan tlp dulu ke nomer khusus nya lawson ticket(tiap dome beda), setau aku malah cuma bisa pake bahasa jepang.

lewat agen? ngga pernah beli lewat agen. maksudnya beli tiket lawson pake agen? belum pernah :D

Late report:
tgl.8 Nov 2013 kmrn, akhirnya bisa nonton mereka di Nagoya
walo dpt seat gag OK tp dengan budget yang sesuai no prob lah~
setidaknya bisa joged2 bareng sesuai dengan perintah si Jun XDD~

Terima kasih banget atas bantuannya dlm perjuangan mendapatkan tiket XD~

Edited at 2013-12-26 05:57 am (UTC)


nonton orange range juga ya :)

sama2 ^_^

Hi, thank you so much for the concert information. I just want to ask, I'm confused at guide # 2.

"http://www.ticket.co.jp/ have a policy to stop the concert ticket sales 5 days before the concert. Is the best time to buy the ticket."

If the the ticketjp stops the selling 5 days before the concert date, why is the best time to buy?

at this time many seller will lower their price.

once I made a mistake. I brought the ticket 1 month in advance for more than 20000 yen, which is the cheapest available price at the moment. But, when is nearly close the date there is 7000 yen price ticket.

So... just try to monitor the ticket price. and do not make a mistake like me :)

maulida88, makasih yaa buat infonya..

mau nanya dong. kamu ada rencana nonton konser arashi yg 5x15 ga? soalnya aku sama saudaraku niatan mau nonton :)

hi dyna...

ngga bisa nonton (soalnya lagi skripsi) :(

konser 5x15 katanya di hawai... ato ada juga yg dijepang?

ditunggu foto2nya :)